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Write with a body double for courage

Recently, I was at the local hospital while a family member was having surgery. Though I was keeping other family and friends updated via email, text, and phone on our loved-one’s progress, I owe a debt of gratitude to my cousin who came to the hospital and sat with me.

Having somebody physically by my side made me feel less alone and made this event feel “doable.” It reminded me of the earlier posts Carly and I wrote about having a “body double” while writing. Having another person physically present next to you while you write gives you a wonderful feeling of community and kinship. We all have doubts at some point during our writing and having a body double can give you the confidence and courage you need to continue on.

If you haven’t tried writing with a body double yet, I highly recommend it.

To read more about writing with a body double, read Carly’s post: Find writing success with a buddy.

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