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Write with a body double for courage

Recently, I was at the local hospital while a family member was having surgery. Though I was keeping other family and friends updated via email, text, and phone on our loved-one’s progress, I owe a debt of gratitude to my cousin who came to the hospital and sat with me.

Having somebody physically by my side made me feel less alone and made this event feel “doable.” It reminded me of the earlier posts Carly and I wrote about having a “body double” while writing. Having another person physically present next to you while you write gives you a wonderful feeling of community and kinship. We all have doubts at some point during our writing and having a body double can give you the confidence and courage you need to continue on.

If you haven’t tried writing with a body double yet, I highly recommend it.

To read more about writing with a body double, read Carly’s post: Find writing success with a buddy.

Find a writing buddy and do a 10-day Blitz

Years ago, I would meet a friend each morning before work to go for a walk and talk at a nearby high school track. We both wanted to exercise, but we had crazy, unpredictable work days. We figured out that we could exercise in the morning without interruptions. I rarely ever missed the walk because I knew she would be waiting for me and vice versa. We discovered that this bit of accountability was a powerful tool for success.

The support of a like-minded friend can go a long way towards meeting your goals, whether they’re fitness, business, or writing aspirations.

So I was intrigued when I read Suzanne Main’s blog post, A Whine, a Wine and Writer’s Nights, about her new writing buddy. All our competing projects, work, and family demands can easily eat through our day even with the best of intentions. So Main and her friend began meeting a couple times a week to write. They don’t critique, share work, or even talk much. Just write. Read more

Find writing success with a buddy

Everyone should have a writing buddy. My blogging partner Carol Despeaux and I have been writing together since we met at a writing conference three years ago and realized we were both working on memoirs.

Over the past several years, we’ve critiqued each other’s work, brainstormed story ideas, and given each other pep talks (“Go Speedwriter Go”).  We’ve shared writing craft ideas, teaching resources, and favorite books.

We feel that with each other’s support, we can progress faster with our writing goals. Because Carol knows my “story,” she can offer insights and point out meaning that I might not see because I’m too close to it. She can spot areas that aren’t clear or could benefit from elaboration. And I do the same for her.

When I need a laugh, she sends me a funny photo of her cats Simba, Precious, and Teddy Bear. And when she needs to smile, I send her the latest photo of Mr. Cat. Read more