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What’s your writing call to arms?

What is your writing watchword — the guiding principle that drives your writing life?

Writing has always been a central focus of my life. As a writer and reader, I love words and the power they have to move people and create change. So I was intrigued to see what entrepreneur Gianni Vega does to create art out of words and inspire people to commit to their passion and goals.

Vega, who calls himself a “Thot Provoker,” named his business Knots Thots. His artistic products are boards with quotes meant to spur people to, “live a life with no regret, no exceptions.”

Customers pick a board or have one custom-made with a quote that has meaning to them. The boards, which come in three sizes, include operating instructions: He urges customers as an act of faith and commitment to write down their dream or goal on the back of their board, sign their name, and date it.

Your dream could be to write a book, photograph amazing pictures, cure cancer, be an excellent parent, or even just to go out into the world with kindness each day. Ultimately, Vega says:

It’s about vowing to live your life to the fullest. Everything counts.

The boards are a reminder of your mission to change yourself and even the world.

When I saw what Vega was doing, I was inspired to buy my own board and hang it near my desk where I see it each day. It’s my rallying cry to stay focused on what’s most important.

I chose this quote by the Persian poet and philosopher Rumi:

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

To learn more about Vega’s mission, visit his website, Knots Thots.

What words serve as your touchstone — the heart of how you live?

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