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What’s your writing call to arms?

What is your writing watchword — the guiding principle that drives your writing life?

Writing has always been a central focus of my life. As a writer and reader, I love words and the power they have to move people and create change. So I was intrigued to see what entrepreneur Gianni Vega does to create art out of words and inspire people to commit to their passion and goals.

Vega, who calls himself a “Thot Provoker,” named his business Knots Thots. His artistic products are boards with quotes meant to spur people to, “live a life with no regret, no exceptions.”

Customers pick a board or have one custom-made with a quote that has meaning to them. The boards, which come in three sizes, include operating instructions: He urges customers as an act of faith and commitment to write down their dream or goal on the back of their board, sign their name, and date it. Read more