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Creating support systems to succeed as an artist

At a writing conference once, a successful author thanked her husband for being her “patron of the arts” for years as she worked to build her writing craft and career.

Though I work hard in my “day job”–running our business with my husband–I am blessed that he understands and supports my obsession with writing. I can’t imagine how awful life would be if I had a partner that didn’t support and encourage me. I know many people aren’t as blessed.

When I lost my job 15 years ago, my hubby (then boyfriend) said, “Congratulations. Now your real life can begin.” I didn’t get it then, but I sure do now. Losing my job allowed me to change and grow and begin to do what I loved, not what somebody else told me to do. My husband was my greatest support as I learned new skills that would serve me to begin my own business.  Read more

How photography & art can inspire your writing

As a freshman in college, I wrote one of my first poems in response to a painting that hung on the wall of an art gallery where I worked. It was an abstract painting of a woman’s body and I wrote my poem in an abstract style—mimicking the curves and nuances of the painting. I even titled the poem “Abstract Painting #6” after the name of the painting. I remember this because it was the first poem I ever published. Firsts tend to make an impression on me.

As a writer, I’ve trained myself to be observant of my surroundings. But I don’t always succeed—there are days when I’m so involved with my “other worlds” that I literally don’t notice what’s happening around me. Once, when I worked at a law firm, I went for an entire day before noticing that my colleagues had rearranged my office. (Something they thought was hysterically funny for some reason).

When I enter a new environment now, I try to notice my surroundings—I look for what’s unusual or unique. I look for those “firsts.” If I find something intriguing, I store it away for later use in a poem or story. Read more