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Creating support systems to succeed as an artist

At a writing conference once, a successful author thanked her husband for being her “patron of the arts” for years as she worked to build her writing craft and career.

Though I work hard in my “day job”–running our business with my husband–I am blessed that he understands and supports my obsession with writing. I can’t imagine how awful life would be if I had a partner that didn’t support and encourage me. I know many people aren’t as blessed.

When I lost my job 15 years ago, my hubby (then boyfriend) said, “Congratulations. Now your real life can begin.” I didn’t get it then, but I sure do now. Losing my job allowed me to change and grow and begin to do what I loved, not what somebody else told me to do. My husband was my greatest support as I learned new skills that would serve me to begin my own business. 

The people we have around us, the people we allow in our lives should be our greatest fans and supporters. They should nurture us, inspire us and, when needed, be our toughest critics.

Read this beautifully written post by screenwriter Cynthia Whitcomb on the subject of support systems.

She writes about how the painter Cezanne threw away hundreds of paintings as he developed his craft and how his support system helped him in many different ways through those years.

Look at your support system. Is it a good one? Can it be improved? Do you have anybody in your life holding you back or who is toxic to your creative passion?

I once had a friend who I finally realized wasn’t a friend–every conversation we had was about her and anytime I tried to talk about myself, she shut me down. She wasn’t interested. I decided to cut her out of my life. That one act freed up my energy that could be used elsewhere.

What ways can you improve your support system?

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  1. This message of positive energy and support in order to flourish keeps coming to me lately. I am paying attention. Thanks for the great article.

    August 31, 2012

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