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Need an infusion of creative mojo? Wreck a journal

Do you ever get in a slump with your writing? As in, some event or situation literally sucks the life out of you? Are you clawing and scratching for any minute you can to write? That’s me right now. I’ve barely even been able to “think” about writing since I’ve been working on an impossible, immovable deadline in my day job that required me to spend every waking minute on it.

So now that the project is about to launch, I’m looking for a way to get back into my writing groove.

My blogging partner Carol gave me the book, “Wreck this Journal.” It’s time to get it out.

As the name implies, the journal is for wrecking. Plain and simple. I plan to mess it up in a big way. In fact, one page instructs: “Make a sudden, unpredictable movement with the journal.”

I may just tie a rope around it and drag it down the street.

So why do this? Well, for one thing, because I can. Have you ever had a journal that you felt was too “pretty” to write in. This is not that. And maybe by wrecking this one, I’ll knock myself into a more creative state and engage again with my true writing aspirations.

Sure I respect books, but this is a different story.

I think this just may be the best way right now to flip the switch from project insanity to creative bliss.

In an upcoming post, I’ll feature some photos of my journal wreckage and provide all the sordid details. Stay tuned. And if you’re so inclined to wreck a journal of your own, please report back and let me know how it went.

For a more sedate and civilized approach to journaling, go ahead and read this post if it makes you feel better. But understand I have to do what I have to do. Starting tonight serious wreckage begins.

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