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A great iPhone app to help you visualize your writing goals

A big component of setting and achieving our goals is being able to see ourselves already there. In high school, I ran track and set the school mile. In cross-country, I often placed in the top three. One of my secrets was visualization. Before every meet, I’d visualize myself running the race and winning. Mentally, it prepared me for the road or track ahead.

I have big goals in my writing life but, in my hectic schedule, I often forget about the benefits of visualization. Recently, I discovered a great goal-setting app for my iPhone called Aspire Goals. According to Aspire, achieving goals is 80% mental and only 20% actual activity. 

Their app allows me to create detailed goals, add reasons I want to achieve my goals, motivations that inspire me, and then set all this to images and soundtracks. It only takes a few minutes to create a goal and then use the visualizer, which is like a mini-movie of my goals. I can then watch this several times a day to help keep me on track and motivated. Waiting in line at the Post Office? Use your visualizer (with ear phones, of course!)

You can create as many goals in as many categories as you want. So far, I’ve created goals for moving my body an hour a day (sounds better than “exercising” doesn’t it?), reducing 10 lbs by July 1st, and finishing the first draft of my next book by October 1st.

The best part of using Aspire Goals? It’s super fun! And it works with the iPad and iPod Touch as well.

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