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Go deeper in your writing by changing your vision (literally!)

I’m always looking for ways to stimulate my creativity or go deeper in my writing. In a previous post, I wrote about using timed writes as a way to do this. I’ve also written about the effects of writing to music or a specific beat.

Today, I toyed with another way to go deeper–changing my vision. Literally. Normally, I wear glasses for distance and reading (yes, I admit to bifocals–without lines, of course). When I write on my laptop, I wear my glasses so I can see the screen. But when I write by hand, I find that I often take them off. I like how my vision becomes slightly blurry…as if I’m writing by Braille (well, not really but my vision is so bad, I may as well be).

Something happens to my writing when I do this–instead of focusing on the page, I’m focused inward. It seems to take me from my left brain into my right brain where my stories are. Try it sometime when you want to go deeper–change your vision.

If you don’t wear glasses, try doing something else to change your vision (without wrecking your eyes)….wear sunglasses or, better yet, softly unfocus your eyes –as if you’re closing them but leave them open just enough to see the page. Make your eyes slightly blurry.

During my day job, I work part-time as an intuitive and this is often what I do when I’m working–unfocus my eyes or close them completely. When I’m accessing my intuition, closing my eyes helps me “see” better because I’m less distracted by the “real” world.  It’s the same with writing. Unfocusing my eyes, allows me to go inward and access my subconscious.

Maybe next week, I’ll try writing blindfolded.

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  1. TheOthers1 #

    My eyes are so bag I’m afraid I won’t be able to write at all doing that. Maybe typing sans glasses would be worth trying.

    February 21, 2012
    • Or try leaving your glasses on and closing your eyes partway, letting your vision go soft. I’ve tried closing my eyes and typing but, for me, it’s easier to try this experiment with pen and paper. Have fun!

      February 21, 2012

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