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Put your pen down and take a power hour

Have you considered going on a “power trip?” Not in that wild, crazy, dictator sort of way, but in a crazy good, creative idea way.

Todd Henry, author of the book, “The Accidental Creative: How to be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice,” writes about how to maximize the creative process to solve problems or maximize ideas in the work place. I like to use his advice to build out ideas for my writing projects.

One of his tips: Make time for periodic power hours.

He suggests stopping once a week, or whenever it feels right, to spend an hour generating ideas. I use the time to write out details about characters and where my story could go next. Power hours are also good for brainstorming ideas for book titles, considering possibilities for story structure, or drumming up character names.

The more I know about my work in progress, the more I’m energized and prepared to write. Try this with another writer or two to add an extra boost.

Consider these tips as you generate ideas:

Don’t fall in love with your first idea. You will be blocked from taking it in new and possibly better directions.

Ask, “What if?” Imagine as many scenarios as possible.

Consider the unexpected. What are the most unexpected directions your characters or plot could take? Go there and see what happens.

Once you’ve gone on your writing power trip, get back to writing and let some sparks fly.

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