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What do famous writers snack on?

Writers have all kinds of little habits and quirks. Some won’t allow themselves to read or check email until they’ve completed their word quota. Some write in their pajamas, straight out of bed. Some dress as if they were going to an office. Some do go to an office. But have you ever wondered about the eating habits of famous scribblers?

Take a look at Wendy MacNaughton’s post for the NY Times to see what famous writers like to snack on. I can relate to Marcel Proust’s need for espresso but I’m not sure I could stomach Walt Whitman’s oysters for breakfast. My own preferences depend on the time of year and the time of day but some of my staples include: coffee, tea, water, green drink, almonds, apples, peapods, carrots, a bowl of cherries, or a small plate of gourmet cheese and healthy crackers. And, if I need a sugar buzz, a bit of dark chocolate on the side.

Are you a snacking writer or do prefer to eat away from your desk? What do you like to snack on while you write? Please share!

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