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Four ways to stimulate creativity & cure the writing blahs, part 4 of 4

Sometimes, I just don’t feel like writing.  Even after I read a poem, try to write a poem, or finish a timed write—sometimes, the words still don’t come.  What then?  It depends.  A nap might be in order, or maybe a walk. But often, participating in another type of creative activity is what will cure me.

Play the guitar or create a vision board.  One of my favorite ways to strum the strings of my unconscious is to do something creative that’s not related to writing—like learning to play the guitar.  (Emphasis on the word learning, here).  But it doesn’t have to be guitar or even music—pick anything, except writing, that moves your spirit and allows you to be creative:  painting, cooking, gardening, dancing, even cutting pictures from magazines to create a collage or vision board.

I created a vision board a few weeks ago (one of many over the years–I update them as my goals and visions change). Over a few weeks time, I cut pictures and words out of magazines that symbolize what I want in my life—music, writing, healthy whole foods, vacation destinations, a sauna (which I have now—vision boards really do work!) I glued them all on a large piece of poster board and hung the poster on my refrigerator door. The vision board allowed me to be creative and it was fun!

Creativity begets creativity. Let loose. Experiment. Feed your Soul. Doing anything creative will benefit your writing life and get your juices flowing. It just might spark an idea—and, if not—at least it sparks you!

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  1. Nice ideas but I can’t carry a tune in a bag! So music is out. I take a walk with a camera, it always seems to center me and best of all-I get some great photos!

    June 14, 2011
    • Hi Mark,
      That’s a great idea. Thanks for the tip. I’m an amateur photobug & sometimes will get writing ideas from looking at photographs too.
      Love your blog!

      June 14, 2011

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