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Four ways to stimulate creativity & cure the writing blahs, part 3 of 4

Poetry is juicy. It gets things moving. Like music, it’s verbal and nonverbal at the same time. It resonates within and without. No matter what kind of writer you are, you can benefit from poetry’s ability to inspire creativity.  And not just by reading it…

Write a poem. If you’re stuck on your current project or just can’t get your creative mojo going, write a poem.  (If you’re a poet, try another form of writing—maybe a piece of flash fiction, an essay, or some haiku).  The idea is to write something different than what you’re used to. Writing poetry is like working a puzzle.  It jump-starts our brain’s synapses.

Poetry gets us noticing things on an intimate level.  It’s the microcosm that reveals the macrocosm.  Writing in small, tight spaces, writing with fewer words will force you to focus inward. Contrary to what some ill-informed people believe, poetry isn’t about spilling your guts on the page. Poetry is about finding the perfect word and combination of words that allow your reader to feel something, to engage at a fresh, new level. When I write a good poem, I feel as if I can accomplish anything. The idea of being stuck or uninspired dissipates like dandelion fluff on the wind.

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