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Doodle your way to a story

Doodling has a unique way of affecting how we process information and work out problems, says Sunni Brown, who teaches people how to do strategic doodling. It literally improves our creative thinking.

I find when I push too hard to come up with an idea or direction for my stories, the harder it is to find a creative solution. When it comes to getting a draft of a story down on the page, doodling can help you relax and have fun. It’s a helpful distraction — a way of playing, doing something to get into the non-analytical mode of creating that allows your wild ideas to swirl around.

To make it easy to doodle, I like to keep a sketch pad on my desk and in my writing to-go bag in case I start getting too analytical about my writing.

For more insights about doodling from artist Judy Clement Wall, read her post, 10 Things doodling has taught me about the creative process.

Watch Sunni Brown’s Ted Talk about doodling for more fun facts about doodling, including definitions for the word.

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Draw your way into a scene

Draw your way into a scene

I’ve been experimenting lately with different ways to enter into writing scenes. One fun way is to use a sketchpad. I purchased a 5.5 inch x 8.5 inch Strathmore Sketchpad and colored pencils for doodling and have found it immensely useful for everything from sketching scenes to settings to drawing objects that might appear in a scene.

Not a drawer? Don’t worry, neither am I.  My “people” consist of stick figures and my depth perception is nonexistent. Fortunately, you don’t need to be Picasso to use sketching as a way to ignite your imagination.

The first thing I drew in my sketchpad was a dagger. One of my characters carries a dagger and I needed to “see” it in detail. As I was drawing the dagger and the sigils on the blade, I had a vision of the sigils glowing when activated so I added this into a scene.  As I continued to draw the dagger, I realized two other things about it that I hadn’t known before—these will also go into my story. Read more

How drawing can help you become a better writer

I've found I can more fully imagine scenes that I want to write about by drawing pictures of them.

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