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How listening to poetry sparked my muse: ode to Billy Collins

Recently, while on a six-hour plane ride, I listened to former poet laureate Billy Collins’ CD “Billy Collins Live.” After the hilarious introduction by comedian and actor Bill Murray, Collins reads nearly thirty of his own poems.

As mentioned in a previous post, “Three Ways to Feed Your Muse,” I often find inspiration in other writer’s works. As I was listening to the flow of words and ideas from Mr. Collins, one particular poem nabbed me and before long I found myself writing a new poem. Read more

Get your RDA of poetry here

As National Poetry Month draws to a close, make sure you get your RDA (recommended daily allowance) of poetry!

This 15-minute talk by former U.S. poet laureate Billy Collins  should give you the boost you need. With his trademark wit, Mr. Collins shares a project in which several of his poems were turned into animated films in a collaboration with the Sundance Channel. Five of them are included in this entertaining and inspiring talk — don’t miss the hilarious final poem!

A poem about a poem becoming a poem

Considering my love of all things related to writing, it makes sense that I like poems about writing.  A friend recently sent me the poem “Workshop” by Billy Collins–a poem about a poem becoming a poem.

You’ll have to read the poem to understand what I mean.

Collins’s poem sparked my own idea for a poem. Double bonus.

Exercise: Pick a favorite poem about writing and use it to inspire your own.

Happy National Poetry Month!