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Make a journaling habit that sticks with one sentence a day

The first month of 2013 is almost finished, and if you’ve committed to start a journal this year but struggled to maintain it, you may find it easier to take a minimalist approach.

I read about one-sentence journaling recently in an interview on the blog Creative Liberty written by Liz Massey. Massey interviewed life and creativity coach Quinn McDonald, who holds workshops about writing one-sentence journals.

This is how McDonald came to write one-sentence journals:

“Because I was a newspaper editor, I began to write headlines for my days–just the most important thing was covered. While checking in on one of my favorite websites (DIY Planner), a woman mentioned that she would journal more if she could write just one sentence a day. That did it–I developed “One Sentence Journaling,” as a class.”

This form of writing spurs journalers to write with intensity and economy. It’s a big creativity boost, says McDonald.

Read the full interview about one-sentence journaling on Creative Liberty and learn more about Liz Massey and Creative Liberty — the blog and the idea.

McDonald is also the author of Raw Art Journaling, described as a book, “for anyone who wants to keep an art journal but doesn’t because the inner critic’s loud voice: “You can’t draw!” or “What makes you think that your life is interesting enough to write about?”

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  1. I actually started keeping a writing journal this year. I use it before each writing session, and it helps me get focused. I think using it before I write helps me keep the habit of journaling too, since it’s now just part of my writing routine.

    January 29, 2013
    • What a great idea! And a good way to look back and see your process.

      January 29, 2013
      • Absolutely! It’s also really encouraging when I have bad writing days to look back and see that I’ve struggled before and gotten through it.

        January 29, 2013

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