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One writer’s breakthrough and how to look for your true passion with a simple quiz

Have you had any breakthroughs while doing some kind of challenge?

Blogger Christine Bissonnette experienced a breakthrough moment when she went on an artist date as part of a 12-week Artist’s Way Challenge this week. She felt a whole new kind of energy from seeing a movie by herself when she realized the experience wasn’t affected by anyone else’s expectations. That energy comes through in her blog post, Silver Linings: Break-throughs and Paradigm Shifts.

Christine is doing something I aim for and hope you are too. To always be on a quest to live true to yourself. If this is your goal too, look back at the interests you gravitated to and times you were most happy. When I’ve brainstormed with friends about what they want to do with their lives, I tell them to look back to their childhood for clues to their true self  — the time in their lives when they didn’t doubt themselves or set limits.

As we grow older, it can become harder to retain that spirit. But I can’t help but think that striving to hold on to your true self boosts energy, makes you more excited to get up in the morning, and increases your writing flow.

Sometimes it’s easy to mold yourself to fit in with those around you. Instead, gravitate to what feels like it fits. Find a groove. Experience your own emotions, do what comes naturally. Then see how the world flows with you and you with it.

If you’re searching for what gives you pleasure and purpose — your true calling – answer the questions in this post, How Well Do You Know Yourself? by Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project.

For more ideas about doing your own artist date, read Four techniques to tap into your imagination.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning me in your blog post! I’m so glad that my energy came through in that post. It truly was a life-changing experience, and the paradigm shift was triggered by the simplest of experiences. Also, I love your blog! I will be following.

    January 25, 2013
    • I’m inspired by what you’re doing, Christine. I once did the Artist’s Way program with a group of friends at work. We’d meet once a week during lunch and share notes about what we did for artist’s dates, discuss the chapters, and do something creative during our meeting, including write poetry using a handful of random words.

      January 25, 2013
      • That’s sounds like such a great work an environment, and what a great creative idea! I love writing poetry but haven’t done it in a while. Making a game out of it might be just what I need.

        January 26, 2013
      • I think you would love it. Writing and reading poetry makes you more conscious of words, their loaded meanings and how you can use them to power your writing. You might like the book Poemcrazy: Freeing Your Life with Words by Susan Wooldridge

        January 26, 2013
      • Thank you for the recommendation, I will check it out!

        January 26, 2013

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