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Two notebooks that won’t let your ideas wash away

My best ideas and writing breakthroughs rarely come to me when I’m sitting in front of the computer. Unfortunately, those ideas can be fleeting, which is a prime reason to carry a notebook.

Inspiration often strikes when I’m on a walk, driving around in my car, lying in bed — and in the shower.

Fortunately, I’ve discovered another writing tool to add to my kit for writing in wet places. Aqua Notes are waterproof notepads that come with suction pads for sticking in the shower. AquaNotes tablets also include a pencil, and you can even write under water.

If you live in a rainy place or want a notebook handy by the pool or hot tub, you’ll also want to check out Rite in the Rain notebooks.

rite in the rain notebooksRite in the Rain sells a variety of waterproof paper, notebooks, and index cards. And while pencils work well, if you’re like me and prefer pens, you can find all-weather pens that write on wet paper, upside down, and in temperatures from -30°F to 250°F. If you’ve ever needed to take notes in cold temperatures, you’ll understand. When I was a newspaper reporter covering stories in winter weather, I had to resort to felt tip pens when I covered stories in freezing temperatures. One pen that works in all kinds of condition, even upside down is the Fisher Space Cap-O-Matic Space Pen.

Wet or dry, you’ll never have to lose another stellar idea.

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