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Gifts for the writer in your life

I can’t believe it’s the holiday season again. Seems like it was just yesterday! If you still need holiday gift ideas for the writer in your life, below are a few of my favorites. And if you are a writer…feel free to forward this post to your loved ones. Hint. Hint.

Writing Journals

Whether we type our masterpieces directly on the computer or write by hand, we need notebooks and journals to keep track of our thoughts. My favorites are the moleskine notebooks (there are many different colors and sizes so buy your writer more than one).

I also love the Spirit of Flight Journals. Type “writing journals” or “writing notebooks” in your search engine, and you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Subscriptions to Writing Magazines

These magazines provide craft tips, inspiration, and examples of good writing:

Poets & Writers Magazine

The Writer

Writer’s Digest

If your writer is also a poet, they may appreciate a subscription to a top poetry magazine such as Poetry.

For the memoirist in your life, check out Memoir magazine.

Does your writer dabble in fantasy or sci-fi? Try these: Fantasy & Science Fiction or Asimov’s Science Fiction.

Writing Workshops or Conferences

One of the BEST birthday gifts I ever received was when a friend gifted me a writers’ conference. If you want to do this for the writer in your life and be their heroic patron of the arts, ask them what conference they’d like to attend.

In the Pacific Northwest we have many to choose from. These are just a few:

Pacific Northwest Writers’ Conference

Surrey International Writers’ Conference 

Emerald City Writers’ Conference sponsored by the Greater Seattle Romance Writers of America

Storymasters is another favorite of mine. Imagine four full days of instruction and brainstorming with literary greats such as Christopher Vogler, James Scott Bell, and Donald Maass. Heaven.

Ask your writer what conferences they’d like to attend. Give them a gift certificate for all or part of it.

Online Workshops or Writing Courses: 

Ask your writer if there are any online courses they’d like to take. Online writing courses are a great way to connect with other writers and stay involved in our own growth and stories.  New York Times best selling author Bob Mayer has a couple online courses I highly recommend.

Author and writing coach Christina Katz offers several courses on her site.

Ebook Readers

The market is growing for ebook readers with everything from the Apple iPad to Amazon’s Kindle Fire to the Nook from Barnes & Noble or Google’s Nexus.  We’ve had all of these at our home at one time or another and though they are quite different, they’re all great for reading ebooks. The newest edition to our family is probably my favorite so far: the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

Writing Retreats

Probably the best gift a writer can receive is time to write and focus on their craft. I love Donald Maass’s week-long retreat in Hood River, Oregon, because I get dedicated time to write with no interruptions and instruction from a top literary agent and writing mentor.

Even a simple weekend away may be just what you or a writer friend needs to get focused or re-inspired. Think log cabin in the woods, a nice hotel with room service, or even a white, sandy beach. Imagine your writer perched in her perfect location with nothing but her pen and paper (or laptop).


Maybe you don’t have a lot of cash to spare. Are there ways in which you can give your writer the gift of time? Can you take the kids and pets for an afternoon or a full day once a week or once a month to give your writer some extra time for her art? Get creative. Think outside the box (or better yet, throw the box away).

Gift certificates

If you’re just not sure what to get your writer, gift certificates to places like AmazonBarnes & Noble, or their favorite local bookstore are always appreciated.

What if you are the writer in your life? Send this post to those who love and support you!

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  1. Great ideas!

    December 11, 2012

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