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Do you fear writing? Try these tips

Do you ever fear writing? I think fear can be a sign we care: the stakes are high and we want to get the words right. We want the plot to work and characters that grip our readers.

Being scared of writing is not the same thing as not being a good writer, writes Jennifer Watkins at A Different Daylight. Watkins, (@ladyfuchsia) writes about why she’s scared of writing (and tells a story about a famous writer who also feared writing).

In his guest post on the blog “Make a Living Writing,” Ollin Morales offers tips in The Definitive Guide to Overcoming Your Writing Fears.

At Men with Pens, Agent X writes in the post, 7 Deadly Fears of Writing – Part 1 of 8 that, “many creative people often scare themselves out of a good project before they even put a pen to paper.” He suggests Your Writing Coach, a book by writer and coach Jurgen Wolff, that works as an antidote to transforming your inner critic into a constructive guide.

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