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Productivity tips that will help you find your writer’s path

If you’re like me, making time to write is a juggling act. Last week was one of those weeks that knocked me out of my writing groove in a big way. Changing work schedules, tasks that took longer than planned, and other people’s priorities threw me off.

Sometimes it’s easy to throw ourselves off with tasks we put off doing. These tasks that take on a life of their own can divert us from our writing, take away our energy, and steal productivity from other creative projects.

I started thinking about how I could create a more productive life. In my quest for ideas, I came across Productive Flourishing, a blog run by business advisor Charlie Gilkey.

Gilkey calls these tasks “frogs,” after a Mark Twain saying, only he’s changed it slightly:

If you know you have to catch a frog, do it first thing in the morning; if there are two frogs, catch the big one first.

Putting off tasks that we then think about and dread sucks the life out of our creative selves. The reason to catch frogs first thing in the morning is to avoid increasing the dread-to-work ratio, says Gilkey.

For more details about the dread-to-work ratio and how to be more productive, read the full post, A Frog a Day Keeps Your Anchors Aweigh.

And while you’re at it, read Charlie’s post, 50 Better Questions to Ask Than How to be More Productive. You’ll find even more insight in how to manage your frogs.

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