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One sure way to get back in your writing groove

Have you ever been in a funk with your writing? Maybe you don’t know where to take your story next. The sentences aren’t clicking into place, and you’re stuck.

Take a break and try this: Read.

I was hooked on reading at a young age, which led to my desire to write.

Reading a good book helps you remember why you wanted to write in the first place. As I read, I often think of solutions to problems in my own writing. I’m inspired by techniques other writers use.

Reading helps me think about how I might structure the short story I’m working on to enhance its meaning or note ideas for a novel that’s percolating in the back of my mind.

Whether you’re stuck on writing a first draft or revisions, reading can be a form of creative procrastination that pushes you forward.

For more insight on critical reading and how to make the most of it, read these posts, Read well to write well and Revise by pretending your copy isn’t yours.

Photo: From Alice Jamieson’s Flickr Stream, Creative Commons Licensed

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