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Agents and editors speak: What you should know about submitting your work, part 2

If you’re looking for an agent or editor, you’ll want to show your work in the best possible way. In my last post, I offered four tips for approaching agents and editors. Here are four more.

Note your unique skills and expertise. If have an expertise in an area that pertains to your book, say so. It might give you an edge because you’ll have a connection or built-in audience who will be interested in your book.

Practice your pitch. Be prepared to speak about your book in a concise way as an elevator pitch and in a slightly longer format. Verbally and in writing, know the “who, what, where and when,” of your story and be ready to show agents and editors why they should care.

Know where your book fits on the bookshelf. Know how to categorize your book and which readers it will appeal to. Are you writing urban fantasy? Space opera? Contemporary romance? Romantic suspense?

Do your research. Show you have studied what agents and editors want. Make your query specific and say you’re submitting to a specific agent because he or she has published a certain writer. This shows you’ve done your homework and aren’t just sending blanket submissions to anyone and everyone. And while you’re at it, make sure to spell the agent’s name correctly.

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