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See how other writers are following Ray Bradbury’s advice to read each day

Because reading is so important to learning the craft of writing, I wrote recently about the late Ray Bradbury’s advice to read a short story, a poem, and an essay each night.

So when I saw this post from Michael Haynes (@mohio73), who has also been influenced by Bradbury’s advice, I had to pass it on.

“One routine I’ve picked up recently is reading a short story every day/night and tweeting about it. Nicole Cushing has been doing this on the #storyeachnight hashtag for quite a few months,” Haynes said on his blog, where he has been noting reading selections along with comments.

After Cushing began #storyeachnight, Haynes began #poemeachnight. If you’re interested in what others are reading and saying about it, check out these hashtags.

For a source of poems to read each day, consider subscribing to a free e-mail list from the Academy of American Poets to receive Poem-A-Day.

For a daily flash fiction story, subscribe to everydayfiction.

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