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5 tips to get back into your writing groove

Do you ever feel rusty?

Maybe you’ve had to take a break from writing due to a health issue, a day job that is sucking the life out of you, or to round up a rogue band of unicorns that’s been terrorizing your neighborhood.

For whatever reason, the ideas aren’t flowing, the words aren’t coming, and you need to regroup. I’ve been there. Here’s how I get back into my writing groove and how you can too.

Revisit my routine. For the most part, I think humans thrive on routines. If I have a set writing schedule, my brain knows it needs to get into writer mode. If I’m off track, I know it will help to get back into my routine.

Read. If my time has been drained with other activities, my reading practice suffers. Reading always sparks new ideas even if what I’m reading has nothing to do with my current writing project. I read fiction, non-fiction, poetry and blogs for inspiration.

Rest. Sleep builds creativity. In fact, the time before falling asleep and sleep itself can spark ideas and solutions to story problems.

Reflect on what works. Feeling rusty and stuck is a downer. It’s easy to doubt everything. It helps to look back and see what I’ve already accomplished. I think about what has worked for me in the past and have faith that I can move forward and meet my writing goals.

Ask for help. I look to my writing tribe for encouragement. If you don’t have a community of people around you who believe in you and share your writing interests, develop one. Join a writer’s group, take a writing class, and join a professional organization for your genre. I guarantee you will meet people who will be there for you to encourage you and share their passion and ideas. And as always, consider us here at OneWildWord as part of your community.

What are your tips and tricks for getting into or staying in your writing groove?

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