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Write a six-word story about why you belong at the library

This week is National Library Week, and it reminds me of how my addiction to libraries began. I struggled with reading until I got into the second grade. But once I could really read, I fell in love with books – and libraries.

When we were kids, my friend Tracy and I would ride our bikes to the library during the summer. We’d take brown paper grocery bags and stash them in the shrubs. Then we’d go in and check out a huge stack of books, put them in our bags, fold the top over our handlebars, and ride home. We’d pour ourselves a glass of fruit punch, line up our books in the order we wanted to read them, and launch ourselves into other worlds.

To celebrate libraries, the American Library Association is sponsoring several activities. One is a contest to write a six-word story about why you belong at the library. If you’re like me and my writer friends, who especially love books and libraries, consider submitting your story. The winning author will receive Season 1 of Brad Meltzer’s Decoded on DVD. Meltzer is Honorary Chair of National Library Week 2012.

Running through Wednesday, April 11, you can submit your six-word story through Twitter using the #nlw6words tag. Stories will then be compiled and available for judging through Six word stories should reflect the 2012 National Library Week theme, “You belong @ your library.”

If you’re interested in going more in depth about your love of libraries, submit a longer story to You belong @ your library.

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