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Craft your writing mantra with these six tips

In Carly’s post “Boost your writing ambitions with a personal writing mantra,” she writes about the benefits of developing your own writing mantra. At the beginning of this year, when I set my writing goals for 2012, I decided to give this a try.

My main goal was to build up my publishing credits by submitting my work to literary journals and contests. I have plenty of work ready to submit but over the last few years, my life got ultra busy, and I just wasn’t taking that extra step to get my work out there. So I decided on the phrase, “Progress on Purpose,” because it reminded me that any progress I make is because I am consciously and purposely making it happen.

It was a nice idea but I found that I could never remember the mantra! Maybe my brain stuttered over the alliteration or maybe they were just words that I wouldn’t normally use (being the laid-back-country-girl that I am). Just this week, during one of author Bob Mayer’s online courses, I discovered a new writing mantra that I can easily remember and that has more meaning for me: “The more I do something, the easier it becomes.”

This mantra is perfect for me because it reminds me that I can expand my comfort zone–no matter what area of my life–and that the more I do it, the easier it becomes. Submit to contests? No problem. Try a new genre? It’s not as scary with my new writing mantra by my side.

What makes a good mantra?

1. Choose a goal that has a strong meaning for you and create a mantra for that goal. Anchoring your mantra to a specific goal will help you focus on that goal every time you say your mantra.

2. Use words that you would normally use. Don’t try to get fancy. Don’t be a jackanapes.

3. Craft a mantra that sparks your passion. If you’re not sure what you’re passionate about, set a timer for ten minutes and make a list.

4. Post your new writing mantra where you can see it daily. You can even make an artwork or postcard with your mantra. Make it sparkle.

5. Say your writing mantra out loud to yourself several times a day until it becomes part of who you are.

6. If it doesn’t feel right, change it! And, you may find that you need to change your mantra as your goals change, too.

Do you have a personal writing mantra? Please share!

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