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My favorite writing journals

I have a confession to make. I’m a journal-a-holic. It’s serious. It’s bad. I should be ashamed. I don’t always write longhand–often I use my laptop–but when I do write in a notebook or journal I want it to be special.

I’ve always liked bright, shiny things. They make me feel happy. So, naturally, I want a sparkly writing journal. And, because I have several journals going at once for various projects, I use my label machine to make a label for the front cover. (It satisfies my O.C.D).

Below are a few of my favorite journals:

The Spirit of Flight Journal. I have two of these — one for poetry and one for my fantasy book. I like the picture on the outside cover. It reminds me of the protagonist of my next book.

Moon Goddess Journal. I just got this one. It’s smaller and the perfect size for my purse.

If these are a little too feminine for you, I also highly recommend any Moleskine Notebook. My favorites are pink or black but they have many different colors and sizes. Our local Barnes & Noble has a nice selection I like to browse through and drool over (I try not to get them too wet).

My writing partner, Carly, turned me on to the Rite in the Rain Spiral Notebook. These notebooks are made with a Polydura cover and wire-o binding and the pages are waterproof! I use mine in my hot tub. Again, they come in different sizes.

Our local bookstore has a wall of journals. I like to open them, feel the pages, notice how they lay open. I choose my writing journals carefully. There’s nothing worse then buying a journal whose wire binding stabs you or catches on your favorite blouse or a journal whose spine cracks when you lay it open to write.

This picture shows three journals I’m currently using for poetry:

No matter what type of journal you end up getting, make it your own. I use stickers, different colored pens, and I tag my pages with little post-it notes to help me find things quickly.

For more tips, check out my post Two Reasons to Keep a Poetry or Writing Journal.

Please share your favorite journals or notebooks!

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