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How to create a beginning to hook your readers, agent, and publisher

Writing a novel, memoir, screenplay, or even a poetry manuscript can be a long, arduous journey. Getting off to a good start is important, and good beginnings are an art that can be mastered. Below are a few posts with tips on how to create a beginning to hook your reader, agent, and/or publisher. Read these posts and tell us in the comments below if you have any additional tips. Thanks!

Ground your readers and they will follow you anywhere: “Give the readers a place to stand, and then you can take them anywhere.” Poet and professor Nelson Bentley’s advice holds true whether you’re writing a poem, a book, or a screenplay.

How to introduce conflict or change in your very first sentence: Discover what author Nancy Kress says about adding some conflict or hint of change to your first sentences.

Three common pitfalls that prevent a compelling beginning: Learn some of the common pitfalls of first pages.

Test your story’s beginnings with these five questions: Here are five excellent questions to ask yourself about your beginning–before and after you write it.

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  1. Some very helpful posts 🙂

    July 17, 2013

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