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Write your book 750 words at a time

We can think about writing, talk about it and even read about it, but typing word after word is the only way it’s going to actually happen.

The fact is, I know I have to write every day to eventually produce a finished novel, and this year, I’m more committed than ever to maintaining a daily writing practice.

So when I saw a blog post by Darcy Pattison about, I was intrigued and immediately signed up. Buster Benson, of Seattle, Wash., built the site to make a place where he and other writers could commit to write 750 words a day, the number of words it takes to fill about three pages.

Benson was inspired by Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, who advocates writing three pages each day. While she calls them Morning Pages and encourages writers to do them in the morning in long hand, they can be done any time and typed if it works better. Morning pages are a way to clear your mind by letting random thoughts and ideas gush out onto the page. Morning pages are, as Benson likes to call them, a brain dump on the page.

I like to think of 750 as a writing playground. I’ve written morning pages, scenes for a novel, and daily observations that led to an idea for a poem.

The site features a blank page to type on and saves each day’s words as you go. A word counter at the bottom of the page measures progress and alerts you once you’ve reached 750 words. (You can continue writing once you’ve reached your 750-word quota.) Points are awarded for 1-100 words, with extra points awarded for reaching 750 words in a day, and even more points if you’re on a writing streak. is a secure, private place to let loose with words. It’s free at the moment and Benson hopes to keep it that way. I like the way the site creates a defined place to write that tracks my progress. The site has become my distraction-free writing zone. Knowing that I’m there to simply put the words on the screen frees me to write without judgment. I find myself wanting to honor my commitment to it, and something about making that goal each day carries over to my other writing and professional development goals.

I’ve signed up for the February challenge to write for a month straight. Check out the site and consider joining me and the other 750-word writers.

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  1. Cool. In my poetry class my professor starts the class with inkshedding where we write whatever for about 10mins. I love it. I always go away with ideas for stories and poems. Doing something similar like the 750words might be a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.

    January 23, 2012
    • Thanks for your comment Rena. Love that word, “inkshedding” !

      January 23, 2012

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