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Five tips to find your unique writing style

Writing style is all about the decisions you make to express yourself on the page. Style is a blend of many elements, including sentence length, rhythm, and vocabulary. It has to do with how you apply description, dialogue, and characterization. It’s a reflection of your individuality.

Consider these guidelines as you develop your unique style:

Don’t purposely try to mimic another writer. You can’t develop your own style if you’re trying to imitate someone else’s. Read other writers and observe their style as inspiration, but don’t copy them.

Let your writing flow. Don’t overthink style. Just go with the flow. Style is a mix of conscious and unconscious decisions. Write naturally, letting your unique personality and instincts guide you.

Write and write some more. The more you write, the more you’ll be able to discover and develop your own style.

Follow your intuition. Lean on your background, experience, and personal preferences as you decide how to describe characters and settings, and add details and dialogue. Use the sensibility of a poet to select just the right word. Consider connotation and avoid clichés. These decisions all add up to create your unique style.

Listen to the thrum of your inner editor. During the revision process, watch for sentences or word choices that don’t seem natural or harmonious. These places that don’t “sound” right are signs that they go against your natural style.

An authentic style develops organically. Hone your craft by learning about all aspects of writing and your style will naturally evolve.

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    December 23, 2012

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