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Boost your writing ambitions with a personal mantra

What is your personal writing philosophy? If you’re passionate about writing – for whatever reason – you probably have goals and dreams about what you want to accomplish. I’ve found writing energy by adopting a personal mantra that reflects my writing philosophy.

A personal motto for success can help you derail fear, find strength when you’re feeling blocked, and serve as a reminder of what you really care about and what you ultimately want to achieve. It can bring focus to your writing practice.

The reasons why people write vary, but many writers find their craft goes beyond something they just “do” to something that is part of how they experience life. It’s about how stories are always percolating in their subconscious and how they constantly observe the world to search for ideas and inspiration. They’re driven to arrange their priorities and structure their lives to accommodate writing.

If you possess this kind of passion for your writing goals, you might want to adopt a guiding principle for your pursuits. A mantra may be as simple as, “finish what you start.” I was inspired by an MFA mentor who often reminded students to, “trust the process” – a good reminder to relax, have faith, and just write. Read more