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One of the best things about writing: The element of surprise

One of the best things about writing is the way it surprises me, the way I sometimes look back on something I’ve written and think, “Did I write that?” This element of surprise reminds me that so much happens beyond our conscious state.

Here are several posts you might have missed that will inspire you to let go and find the story that lives in your subconscious.

In How to write in your sleep, I share some tips about using the power of sleep to find new revelations in your writing.

Read Trust in randomness and mine your subconscious with this writing exercise to see how you can use your subconscious and observational instincts to write a new poem or piece of flash fiction.

Become a prolific writer by harnessing creative flow offers tips to put yourself in a trance so you can immerse yourself in your writing world.

What is your favorite way to find creative flow?