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What one writer has learned so far about her 2013 daily writing challenge

Are you on a quest to write every day? No matter what your goal, writing or otherwise, periodic check-ins can help ensure you stay on track and maintain enthusiasm for your projects.

Blogger Amanda Martin committed to write daily in 2013. For her daily challenge, Martin is writing posts that cover how her writing ideas develop and how she approaches research. The second part of each post is a new section of her work in progress, a novel. In this post, you’ll find more background about her project.

In Martin’s January 11 post, she shares the side effects of her daily practice.

It’s never too late to start a daily writing routine. Try these tips. (Tweet them)

1. Establish a regular writing time. Morning, noon, or night, you have to figure out what works for your life. I like mornings because I can get some work done before anything else interrupts my schedule. Plus, I have the sentences buzzing in my brain the rest of the day. Nights can be perfect for others because the house is finally quiet. And there’s something to be said for “sleeping on your story.” When I write before bed, I often have an epiphany the moment I lay my head down. Bonus. Read more