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How blogging about writing craft helps my writing (and makes me happy)

Some writers say that blogging is a waste of time. They think it’s better to spend writing time on their current work, whether it’s a novel, poem, short story, or essay.

Blogging about writing may not be for everyone, but I’ve found that blogging can be like an injection for my writing. If I’m stuck with some aspect of my writing, I often dig out of my blocked place by recalling some bit of advice or craft tip that I’ve written about here on One Wild Word.

Here are several other ways writing about writing helps me in my craft: Read more

Three outstanding posts by writers for writers

The internet can be distracting. I often feel like Alice slip-sliding through the rainbow-colored world of the internet when I should be writing. But, sometimes, it’s good to drink from others’ Kool-aid. Especially, if it gives you some great ideas like these posts below written by writers for writers.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Enough,” by Kathie at This post is about taking time to rest and honor ourselves. With all the recent stressors in my life, I needed to read this.

Assess your novel as a screenplay,” by R.P. Kraul at A great idea. Even if I don’t go through the entire process of turning my book into a screenplay, I can think about the differences it might create in my manuscript if I did.

Prayer–or Plan?” by Denise Shekerjian at Do you plan your story before writing? This post gave me some good reasons why I’m going to spend more time planning my next book.