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Neil Gaiman reads Coraline aloud with famous authors

Neil Gaiman’s N.Y. Times bestselling novel Coralineis celebrating its 10th anniversary. To read an overview of the novel and learn about all its successes, check out this post by Anne Margaret Daniel in the Huffington Post.

To celebrate the book’s birthday, Gaiman reads aloud the entire novel with a few of his famous friends including, Daniel Handler, aka Lemony Snicket; Cassandra Clare; and R. L. Stein.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

To learn about the benefits of reading your own work aloud, please read my previous post “Editing Techniques to Make Your Prose Sing.”

Find writing rhythm by going into revision mode

As a journalist, I discovered a good way to revise copy is this two-step method. First I print out the pages (sorry trees) and read them to myself. Then I read them out loud.

Sure, I make edits when I read copy on my computer monitor, but when I print my pages, it’s as if I’m telling my brain to go into revision mode. I “see” things in a new way. And when I read my work aloud, I hear how the writing sounds — it helps me test the consistency of the narrative voice and hear how the sentences flow.

Our brains are exceedingly proficient at compensating for how something should read, making it easy for us to gloss over a typo or wrong word. This explains why you can ask five people to read your manuscript and still find that an error or three slipped through.

Read your printed copy out loud and to yourself for these benefits: Read more