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Test your poetry skill with this quiz

I admire people who can recite poetry from memory. I’ve never been able to do it. An 80+-year-old friend and poet can recite poetry all day and night and week long. Yes, I’m jealous!

But there are other ways to test our poetry dexterity. Try this poetry quiz put together by Jessie Strasbaugh: Poetry Quiz

For more ways to experience poetry, read my earlier post “The yoga of poetry.”

And, to enjoy movies about poets or poetry, check out Carly’s post Celebrate National Poetry Month with a movie night.

How did you celebrate National Poetry month this year? Please share in the comments below.

Celebrate National Poetry Month with a movie night

This month at One Wild Word, we’re celebrating poetry and its role in American culture. In my previous post, I offered several suggestions for celebrating National Poetry Month. Another way to appreciate poetry is through movies about poetry and poets.

Here are several films you might enjoy.

Janet Jackson, Khandi Alexander, Maya Angelou, Tupac Shakur are among the actors in Poetic Justice, which features the poetry of Maya Angelou.

The Basketball Diaries, stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Jim Carroll, a basketball star at a Catholic prep school whose promising future shatters down when he becomes addicted to glue-sniffing and then heroin. He finds healing through journaling and his poems and monologues become his Basketball Diaries.

Dead Poets Society is a classic film about poetry starring Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard, and Ethan Hawke. Robin Williams portrays an English teacher who doesn’t fit into the conservative prep school where he teaches, but whose love of poetry inspires several boys to revive a secret society.

For more movies about poetry, visit, the website of The Academy of American Poets.

Read and share your favorite poems during National Poetry Month

It’s time to celebrate poetry.

In the U.S., it’s National Poetry Month, and you’ll find plenty of ways to enjoy and share poetry this month. Attend a poetry reading (or organize one yourself), carry a poem in your pocket, or send someone a letter with a poem enclosed.

For more ways to celebrate National Poetry Month in your community, check out this list of 30 ideas.

If you’d like to enrich your life with poetry all year long, sign up to receive a poem a day via e-mail.

To mark this month, many state’s are holding events. Choose your state to find local poets, poems, events, literary journals, writing programs, poetry organizations, and more.