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Obstacles can illuminate your characters’ strengths

Obstacles. Life is full of them. And so is a good story. Obstacles in storytelling not only keep your readers reading but, according to author Robert Dugoni at the recent Pacific Northwest Writer’s Conference, obstacles show us our characters’ strengths.

Think of Harry Potter and all the obstacles he encountered. Through these obstacles we see that Harry is smart, loyal, honest, brave, and a good friend.

Just as important, we believe the end of Harry’s journey because we’ve seen him shine in action.

Ask yourself: What obstacles confront your characters? What do these obstacles show about your characters?

If your life was a book…

If your life were a book and you were the author, how would you want your story to go?

This is the question Amy Purdy asks at the beginning of her 9-minute Ted talk. At the age of 19, Amy lost both legs below the knees and had to remake her life.  Purdy says that obstacles are where our imaginations and story begin. Being creative isn’t just about our writing or our art…see how Amy turned her  tragedy into a blessing and gift by using her creativity.