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What writerly traits run in your family?

My father was a difficult person to  live with but, in his own way, he was very philosophical. He was a voracious reader of daily news and current events. He loved learning new things and was always calling me and my cousins into the kitchen where he sat on his favorite stool and read interesting excerpts to us. Granted, there was a lot of eye rolling going on at the time, but over the years I gleaned his enthusiasm for reading, learning, and considering new ideas. Read more

Merry Christmas from One Wild Word

Happy Holidays from OneWildWord

Whatever your faith or belief system, the holidays are a time to spend time with our loved ones and remind them how much they mean to us.

Over the years, I’ve tried to find ways to simplify my holiday. Instead of buying my neighbors the usual gift basket, I made homemade lasagna. They appreciated having to cook one less meal during a busy, sometimes stressful season. Read more