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How playtime can give you creative ideas

Lately, I’ve been overworking my left brain. In the last week I’ve had to learn a new software program, learn a new webinar system, prepare and host a webinar, and finish my business taxes, which required me to learn a new form that took three phone calls and one hour to figure out what the taxman wanted.

This morning I’m officially back to living in my right brain and my current work-in-progress. During all my left brain activity, though, I did manage to keep my sanity by taking a few short play breaks.

Here’s one below: a two-minute video of Dusty the house cat who at night turns into Clepto. Watch to the very end to see the funniest part!

Not only did this make me laugh, but it gave me a great idea for a character. Have you seen anything funny or playful lately that sparked a creative idea?

Three posts for generating creative ideas

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.” – Carl Jung

In case you didn’t catch these the first time around, below are three posts for generating more creative ideas:

Find creative possibilities in your workplace — Ideas surround us. See Carly’s tips for noticing what’s right in front of you at your workplace.

Exercises in memoir: finding your story – Whether you’re writing memoir or fiction, here are some tips for digging deep into your characters.

Three ways to use word riffs – Wordplay is important, it frees the mind to make new connections.

Thanks for stopping by! Please share some of your favorite places to find creative ideas.