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Holiday gift ideas for the writer in your life

Can you believe it’s December, already? It seems like the year has flown by. Today, my son asked me what I wanted for Christmas. My response, “You know me–anything related to writing is great!”

So, what do writers like? Notebooks, cool pens, writing conferences and retreats, subscriptions to favorite writing magazines, just to name a few.

My writing wish list grew this year with two new items: Boorum & Pease Journals (with lined and numbered pages!) and Scapple–a fun brainstorming/mind mapping software program made especially for writers by the inventors of Scrivener, my favorite novel-writing software. To check out just how useful Scapple can be see my post “Try Scapple for mind mapping your writing ideas.”

Below are a few more ideas from previous years’ posts that may give you some gift ideas for the writer in your life:

In Carly’s post on last-minute gift ideas for writers, she gives ideas for everything from jewelry for writers to ergonomic writing accessories.

In “Gift ideas for the writer in your life,” I share a few of my favorite writing journals, subscriptions to writing magazines, conferences, and other writing-related adventures.

What are some of the favorite writing gifts you’ve received over the years? Please share in the comments below.