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In memory of Precious: 30 authors inspired by their feline pals

We’re sad today at One Wild Word because we lost Precious Chase, one of Carol’s cat’s affectionately known as “PC.”

Precious died Monday after blessing us with her presence for 14 years.

In honor of PC and the inspiration cats everywhere give their writer pals, we’re sharing this link from 30 Renowned Authors Inspired by Cats. You’ll find lovely photos of writers and their cats, as well as quotes.

In this earlier post, Carol writes about her cats as muses.

We’ll miss you PC.

Writers and their cat muses

“I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat.”  ~Edgar Allan Poe

I own three cats–two orange brothers (Teddy Bear and Simba) and an older gray and white female cat (Precious Chase aka P.C.) who acts as their surrogate mother. Not only do my cats provide love, affection, and constant entertainment (I believe they were stand-up comics in a previous life) but they have, on occasion, acted as muses.

A few years ago, as I was finishing my thesis for my MFA program, I’d been having trouble with a particular chapter near the end of my book. I walked into our sunroom one day to find Teddy Bear, our 15-lb orange boy, literally eating my chapter–tearing it into little pieces and swallowing them. He made me see that the chapter had to go and instead of rewriting it, he was going to help me shred it. Read more