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Find writing success with a buddy

Everyone should have a writing buddy. My blogging partner Carol Despeaux and I have been writing together since we met at a writing conference three years ago and realized we were both working on memoirs.

Over the past several years, we’ve critiqued each other’s work, brainstormed story ideas, and given each other pep talks (“Go Speedwriter Go”).  We’ve shared writing craft ideas, teaching resources, and favorite books.

We feel that with each other’s support, we can progress faster with our writing goals. Because Carol knows my “story,” she can offer insights and point out meaning that I might not see because I’m too close to it. She can spot areas that aren’t clear or could benefit from elaboration. And I do the same for her.

When I need a laugh, she sends me a funny photo of her cats Simba, Precious, and Teddy Bear. And when she needs to smile, I send her the latest photo of Mr. Cat. Read more