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How blogging has taken my writing to another level

In her last post, Carly wrote about how blogging about writing has helped her become a better writer. When we first started discussing ideas for a blog, we kept coming back to the idea of blogging about writing because we both love writing so much. It was and still is our main passion in life.

If you’re like us, you write because you love to. You write because you want to. You write because without writing you wouldn’t be you. Writing is oxygen. Writing is life. And without writing, we may as well be one of the walking dead.

So how has writing a blog about writing made me a better writer?

  • That old saying that “to teach is to learn twice” is true. It’s one thing to learn something new about writing craft, but when I share that information by putting into words what I’ve learned, I learn it on a whole new level. Read more